Be top of mind

June 4, 2012

The key to good fundraising is to ask effectively. 

The key to GREAT fundraising is relentless connection.

  • It’s about the phone call in the middle of the year just to say thanks.
    •  It’s about the postcard that recognizes them for helping you achieve a milestone.
    •  It’s about the open house, the lecture, the special event that invites them in for a peek and a conversation.
    • It’s about the survey or focus group that asks them what they think.
    •  It’s about the quarterly newsletter, the weekly e-news bulletin, the blog they want to bookmark, the facebook page they want to follow.
    • It’s about getting in the news, generating buzz and starting conversations.
    Take advantage of every opportunity you have to get in front of people… to make sure you’re top of mind… and to ensure your donors and prospects expect (and maybe even anxiously await) your fundraising appeal.